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Frequently Asked Questions


What if an exercise hurts to do?

Skip it and either go back to an exercise in the sequence that feels good or go to the next exercise.

Which routines should I do once I've finished the program? 

Do any of the routines and exercises you liked and helped you the most. You can revisit any of the routines at any time or throughout your life, but I suggest picking out 2-3 routines that you like best. Cycle through them by doing one routine a day, or stay with one particular routine for a whole week depending on your needs. Part of the program is helping you to discover what works best for you so you can create your own routine if you want to.  

Do I have to do the exercises in order?

Yes, at first. When you’re going through the program, do the exercises exactly in the order they appear. There is a reason and purpose to the order. Once you’re done with the program and you have a good handle on how you feel with the sequences, you can make your own sequence that feels best to you, you can simply follow the ones I’ve provided, or I recommend adding in a few exercises that you liked from other sequences to one or two particular sequences in the program that you benefitted the most from. So for example, if you benefitted from the sequence in the 8th module, but you liked a few of the exercises from the 4th or 10th modules, go ahead and add the exercises you liked, in any order, to the sequence from the 8th module and use that as your daily routine.


How often should I do the exercises?

I recommend doing them every day at first unless you’re too fatigued or your body needs a break. Once you’re feeling better, you can decide if you continue them every day or if you do them once every few days or several times a week. The best advice I have is to find what works and feels best for you and go from there.


How do I know what’s good pain and bad pain?

The general rule is, if it feels like a stretch that’s good pain, if it feels nervy or sharp, that’s usually bad pain. If you’re still not sure then you can always stay in the exercise for a few extra seconds to see if the pain increases or decreases. Often, you’ll discover that as you hold an exercise, the pain will decrease with time. If that’s not the case, or the pain increases, then stop the exercise and move on to the next or go back to one that felt good.


What if I can’t hold an exercise for the allotted time?

No problem. Hold it as long as you can or as long as is appropriate for your body and build your way up to the full time over days or weeks. That’s progress!


How is progress measured with the exercises?

Feeling better is always a good sign that your body is shifting. You’re also making progress if the exercise or sequence is getting easier. That means your body is adapting and getting stronger, looser, or more balanced. Of course, if you can’t hold the allotted time of the exercise, then progress is also measured by being able to hold it longer the next time. Your body will adapt with the right stimulus so hang in there!


What if I don’t feel any better at the end of the sequence?

Keep at it for several more days. Sometimes it can take time for your body to respond, especially if it’s been stuck for a long time. It might take days or even weeks with some bodies and let that be ok. You can always return to another sequence that produces immediate results in between the days you do the new sequence. The goal is always to feel better, so when you find that sequence or exercise, feel free to repeat it as often as you like!


What if I don’t feel better after the program?

The first answer is to keep at it! Restoring balance and health can take time. You might try to turn your focus specifically to the meditations and exercises that feel the best or to the ones you’re instinctively drawn to. I also recommend returning to your body’s consciousness or to your higher self, and ask what you’re missing or what’s keeping you from healing. If you feel you’re just not making progress no matter what you do or if the pain is increasing, then I encourage you to seek some alternative medical or professional help or advice. Finally, always trust your instincts, and always do what’s best and most appropriate for your physical, mental and emotional health. Please feel free to contact our team at Select Healing anytime with questions, concerns or feedback.


What if I feel like I’m not really connecting to the meditations or they’re just not for me?

Sometimes it can be difficult to drop all your worries, doubts, or the chatter in your head and put yourself in the moment. That’s completely normal! Learning to connect to your deeper self and to let go of the constant conversation in your head can be similar to training a new muscle. Keep at it. Let yourself be imperfect and it will improve. If meditating is just not your thing, then focus on the exercises and the healing journal homework. I specifically enlist different modalities in this program to come at growth, awareness and transformation from many different angles knowing everyone will resonate with some aspects of the course more than others and to provide choice.


Can I enlist David Starbuck Smith to help me with my posture or for emotional counseling, or both outside of this course?

Absolutely. You can send me your posture pics through Select Healing and I’m happy to take a look and send you exercises or meditations more specific to your body and your needs if you’d like. You also get a discount for having purchased the course, which means you only pay $200 (normally $275) to receive my evaluation and the instructions, pictures and a video of each exercise directly to your email. If you want to set up an individual Zoom session where we meet face-to-face and do posture therapy and/or emotional counseling, it’s $375 for the hour (normally $500). You can also receive FREE help via my YouTube channel @DavidStarbuckSmith where you’ll find exercises and sequences for a variety of specific aches and pains.


What other offerings do you have and what’s next?

The next Select Healing course is coming soon and the focus is total freedom. I won’t give it all away, but It goes even deeper, covers brand new topics and will provide you even more tools to break free of the many hidden chains that hold us prisoner and prevent us from discovering our true selves and our best lives. Stay tuned for upcoming retreats, meditations, live conversations and other exciting events too!